Route 7 + 8 South

Total duration: 4-6h
Driving duration 2h 31m
Total 153 kms

One long afternoon duration. It’s a route that can be done in just one single part or in 3 stops, depending on how you feel. So you have the option to make it shorter if you like.

1st Stop, Fataga

It’s a beautiful village placed in the heart of the South of Gran Canaria. Typical canarian houses made out of stone will make the visit a pleasure. It’s a small village with not a lot to visit, but to enjoy the calm and eat in some of the restaurants that you will find close by the road.
The way up to Fataga offers a precious landscape of volcanic rocks surrounded by a small oasis full of palm trees that will surprise you. There is a touristic visit to the Guanche cementery for those who want to do a bit of cultural visit.


2nd Stop, Dunas Maspalomas

One of the treasures of the island and probably the most iconic image of Gran Canaria together with El Roque Nublo. An oasis in the middle of the desert. A special place to visit if you just pay attention to the dunes itself. So get ready to mentally avoid the surrounding of the dunes, it’s just a terrible place full of big hotels and appartments nonstop. Coming there will let you discover the island with a wide range. The 90% of the tourism of Gran Canaria goes to Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and Mogán. The South of the island is famous worldwide because of it’s 300 days a year of sun, but in our opinion, it’s not an example to follow. There is no soul in there, no real live. The landscape has been totally occupied by the big hotels and the essence is totally lost. Anyways, if you want to fully understand the island it’s a good place to visit just for a couple of hours and then just get away. The sunset views from the dunes, with the shadows changing is really worth it. In one word, if you want to get there, just go and then come back as soon as you can 😉


3rd Stop, Route 8 to Puerto de Mogán

This small town build by the ocean is a colourful spot full of tourists. If you want to keep on with the tourist visit in the South, that’s your spot. You can call it a “small Venice” but the reality is that in our impression everything looks beautiful but reminds us the scenario of a movie. Another place without soul in the South that the massive tourism love. If you are looking for sun very desperately that is your place, with more than 300 days a year of sun it’s the sunniest spot of Europe. Get there, go to the beach and fight for a place in a fish restaurant by the sea. It’s an option when Las Palmas is totally blowed up by a Northern storm.