Route 6 – East Coast

Total duration: 4 – 6 h
Driving time 2h 15min
Total 104 kms

This route can be done in parts, it’s not necessary to do them all at the same time, so if you want you can divide it into different days, it will depend on your mood, and the time that you have. You can do it all in one time but it may end up being a bit stressful.

1st Stop Tufia

This small beach it’s normally exposed to the North East winds, but if you are lucky and you get there when the wind it’s calm you will enjoy a very special spot. A small local and authentic town builded in a corner of the island. White houses and totally local atmosphere will hold a beautiful spot for snorkeling. So if you are looking for some sun and nice spot to chill and swim, that is a good option! Sometimes the diving companies take people to that spot to do the first diving baptism steps.


2nd Stop Ojos de Garza

Beach that has similar conditions of wind than Tufia but that has something special on it. Just arriving to the village you can park the car on the main road on the right side. Then just walk down to the sea. The atmosphere it’s totally local, you won’t find there any tourists at all. Specially in summer time, when the water it’s warm and the kids don’t go to school the beach will be crowded. At the northern corner of the beach it’s placed a small restaurant with very tipical and local food like papas arrugadas, gofio escaldado, churros de pescado, tacos de pescado and local fresh fish. The price it’s great and the views amazing, just on top of the rocks of the beach!
Small waves can be found there, specially on heavy swells from the NW/N/NE, so it’s a good oportunity to take a couple of fun waves at the beach and just get something nice to eat at the end!


3rd Stop Old town of Agüimes

This nice old village still has the authenticity of the real Gran Canaria. So if you want to enjoy a walk, just get lost to the old streets around the old city center by the church. Drink a café con leche and you will feel totally integrated into our local culture. Time goes slow on that kind of villages, so just let yourself go!


4th Stop Barranco Guayadeque

That huge valley it’s probably the most impressive one after Agaete Valley. When you look at it from the google maps earth view or from the high of the airplane it looks totally like a whole, a piece of cake missing on the cake. A deep valley full of vegetation. It holds many of the typical cave houses. So just get till the end driving by car, park and walk around the cave houses. Some of them have the doors open and will invite you to take a look at it (maybe leave a small tip). Other ones are adapted and they are restaurants where you can find good local food. The meat it’s great and one of the restaurants have a huge bbq at the terrace. Great spot that it’s totally worth to visit!