Route 5 – Centre of the Island

Total duration: 6h – 8h
Driving duration 3h
Total 114 kms

Stop 1, El Roque Nublo

One of the simbols of the island, a must in Gran Canaria. It’s a well known spot, you will find it in every guide, even though, it is still a very nice place to visit. The short hike for about 30-40 min per way it’s totally affordable for any levels. And worth it once you get to the Roque (The rock). The drive up to the spot it’s quite beautiful, and normally you will be able to enjoy the sea of clouds that stays from 800mts – 1.200mts. After the 1.200 mts you will see the clouds underneath!


If it’s summer time, make sure that you bring water and a cup at least to protect yourself from the sun. And in winter time a Jaket or jumper it’s necessary. The temperatures can get down to 5ºC! And even once a year it’s snowing up there!

Stop 2, Tejeda

Down of El Roque Nublo, about 20 min drive at the bottom of the central crater it’s placed this small town with white houses and beautiful streets where to enjoy a quiet walk. Some restaurants are found there and good views are guaranteed!


Stop 3

Sunset view at the highest point: El pico de Las Nieves, about 2.000mts high. Cold temperatures up there and normally windy, but the views are just a postacard of the island. You can watch the sunset with the silhouette of El Roque Nublo, then Roque Bentaiga (another symbol), the ocean and Tenerife and the impressive Teide Mount (highest peak in Spain 3.800mts!). An unforgettable view that will also let you see La Gomera, el Hierro or La Palma, depending on the visibility of the day.

amazing sunset over Teide on Tenerife, as seen from Pico de Las Nieves, the highest mountain on Gran Canaria

Tip: If you want to spend the night over, we highly recommend you two options where to sleep there. A cave hostel can be found in Airbnb and if you are looking for just a confy hotel: El Parador De Tejeda it’s excellent. For around 100€ per night a double room you get a room with stuning views, like i mentioned, you feel like in a postcard! The Spa that the small hotel has it’s just great. Small but very clean and cousy. If you decide to stay there, you can not miss the swimming pool that goes out on the forest. Swimming and relaxing under canarian pines it’s really really cool!

Extended trip

From Stop 3, If you slept there, you can get to the village of Artenara. The highest village of the island holds more than 700 cave houses registered. A good choice to see something unique that you will just find in a few places on the planet. Caves that have been adapted to regular houses with all amenities that you need for a normal life. You can also visit for free the Museo Casa Cueva de Artenara. Walk around the village and also enjoy the great views that the Mirador offers it’s a good choice.


If you get there on the weekends, go to the local supermarket (there is just one!) and ask for the bread made of potato: “Pan de papa”. It’s delicious combined with avocado and cheese!

Stop 4, Tamadaba Natural Park

It’s full of paths where you can go hiking and enjoy the local Canarian woods full of pines. You will never expect to find this kind of forest here!!! Very quiet and peaceful, if you look for different levels and durations of hiking, that’s your place. We recommend you to do the one that brings you to El Risco Faneque. A magic spot that you will reach after 40min walk (per way). The views are magic!!! El Risco Faneque it’s the second highest cliff in Europe and the 7th of the world with it’s 1027mts down to the ocean!


Stop 5, Bonus Track

Acusa Seca. it’s a unique place on the island. Some people described it as the G SPOT of Gran Canaria. And when you are down there you will understand why… A prehistoric village builded under the shape of a huge rock, full of cave houses… Unique it’s the word that it’s better describing it.