Route 4 – North West + Extended Route

Total duration: 6h
Driving duration 2h
Total 96 kms

1st Stop, El Puerto de las Nieves

It’s a very beautiful small village, full of fishermans, white houses with blue windows and an amazing beach with epic views facing the West of the island. Swimming in Playa del Dedo de Dios it’s an experience. Get the googles and go snorkeling there. You will see many different fishes, stars, and if you are lucky, small manta rays!


If you are really hungry, you can eat at the restaurant El Dedo de Dios, at the same beach. We don’t recommend you the other restaurants at all. They are cheap but not really good (the waitress will invite you to enter and eat for sure!). So just get down the beach of El Dedo de Dios and eat there if you want. The daily menu (2 dishes to choose + drink + dessert + bread for just 8€).
The town has also an area of natural swimming pools, there you can just swim or enjoy a beautiful sunset over Tenerife.

TIP: We recommend to go there ONLY in low tide (maybe 1h or 2 hours after or before it also works).

Stop 2, Barranco de Guayedra

To get here from Puerto de Las Nieves you need to follow the signs that are pointing to La Aldea de San Nicolás (La Aldea for the locals). This road that connects Puerto de Las Nieves with la Aldea it’s called El Andén Verde, and it’s a brutal road that follows the coast along the mountains (watch out if you are afraid of the high!) The views are really beautiful and on the way we recommend you to stop by at barranco de Guayedra. It’s tricky to find it but if you check out the signs you will find it. There is a small path after some rubbish containers on the road, it’s a sandy path where you can drive through. Don’t get driving till the end or you can get in problems to turn and make it out on the way back. Drive down for 1km and then park the car before the steep road starts. Then just walk down and enjoy two beautiful beaches that probably will be totally empty. You just get sand in low tide, otherwise it’s rocky. Watch out the waves and currents, it can get dangerous on the days when the ocean it’s brave.

Stop 3, Playa de El Risco

Continue driving the same road for about 30min till you get to Playa de El Risco. A group of small houses are next to the road, just park there and check out the village


Stop 4, El Charco Azul

From there starts the path to El Charco Azul. A small but beautiful waterfall that runs only good water from November – May (wet season). The path it’s quite easy, it takes you about 30-40 min and the views on the way are just GREAT! Surrounded by palm trees, a small river that you will need to cross (watch out!) and volcanic formations that will make you feel like in paradise! Cold water it’s waiting for you! Just for the brave ones!


Extended, Route 4

1h 25min drive from La Aldea De San Nicolás To Artenara
28kms drive through the central crater with curves

If you love driving and you are crazy enough to spend the whole day driving, but you want to enjoy an amazing landscape, we totally recommend you to drive this coast. First of all you will enjoy the west coast from El Puerto de Las Nieves until La Aldea de San Nicolás. The road that it’s called the Andén Verde it’s just impressive! Once you get to La Aldea, stop by, relax a bit and get ready for the next step. Driving through the central crater of Gran Canaria on the way up that connects La Aldea to Artenara. Just check out the video a bit and get your own conclusions!