Route 1 – One afternoon

Total duration: 4-6h
Driving duration 1h 58m
Total 72,9 kms

1st Stop, El Roque

Park next to the village in a sandy parking place. Then walk into the village. It’s a really local and picturesque little village. Originally it was a fisherman’s town who started building small houses on top of the rocks. El Roque in spanish means “the rock” and it’s because the whole village it’s builded on top of a rock that steaks out on the ocean. The inner streets are like a labyrinth where you will see every now and then pieces of the ocean that surrounds it. The houses are yellow and at the end of the village you will find a magic spot. It’s a big natural terrace builded on top of the rock. An excellent Italian restaurant called “Locanda” it’s located there and you will enjoy amazing fresh fish or some well elaborated Italian dishes. They serve the coffee in original coffee machines that you can serve yourself like you want.

Perfect spot where you can stop on the way and then continue the route or, if you are looking for an excellent place to have dinner, it becomes a romantic restaurant during nigh time.

Check out Restaurante La Locanda here

2st Stop, Barranco del Laurel

When getting into this small valley you are walking into a “Laurisilva” old rain forest. It’s an endemic forest from the Canarian Islands. That’s how the north of the island should look like. Nowadays, after the spanish inquisition 5 centuries ago, the whole north coast has a lack of thousands of trees. The spanish cut down the whole trees to plant the sugar can (to produce sugar and rum). Thanks god that we are still having humid and authentic spots like Barranco del Laurel.

The walk it’s easy and it just takes you about 30m in a circular path. Then you can extend the walk up through the road, just a few cars are driving through.


3rd Stop, Driving back to Las Palmas: Arucas

That last stop can be also switched with the first stop. It doesn’t matter the order actually. If you do it on the way, you will enjoy the banana fields that are sorounding Arucas. In any case you must park your car next to the cathedral of Arucas and get lost into the old town of this village. The cathedral it’s an amazing building made out of volcanic stones. The old center of Arucas it’s a beautiful example of what a traditional canarian village is, wooden balconies everywhere and “casas terreras” (typical houses from Canary islands).

If you visit Arucas during the morning, you can also visit the Ron Arucas Factory, where they produce the local Rom of the island. The visit it’s for free and takes place every morning for about 30-40min. At the end of the visit the brave ones can try out all the different type of Rom that they produce and you can, of course, buy it.